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Birthday Wish List

Rescue Transport Vehicle * Medical Funding * SNIF Funding
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2022-03-04 (4)_edited.jpg
2022-03-04 (4)_edited_edited.jpg

Rescue Transport Vehicle--Let's Roll!

Our dream is to stand-up a robust transport program with northern rescue partners to alleviate over-crowding in our local shelters.  We have successfully operated transports in the past, but were limited in scope due to small vehicle space. Having a reliable, functional, larger vehicle will bring our dream alive and help us nearly double the number of lives we can save each year.  It will also pull double-duty for moving large pallets of donated food and supplies that we work hard to source so that we have more money to put towards our foster program medical expenses.    


This picture is of a 2022 Chevrolet Express Cargo 2500 Extended Wheelbase van. It is representative of the vehicle we are hoping to purchase.   The estimated cost is $40,000.  We have already had one generous donation of $5,000. If you would like to help us make our dream come true, you can donate here:  

Medical expenses are our single largest ongoing expense.  Every single animal that comes through our program gets basic vetting like exams, shots, deworming and spay/neuter.  These costs add up quickly. 

We are also a rescue that serves as a true champion for animals that are often overlooked due to their extra level of care needed, such as broken limbs, eye surgeries, heartworm infections, orthopedic needs, caesarian deliveries, pregnant/nursing moms,  advanced mange, etc.  They want and deserve to live and be loved. We routinely help make that  happen for them. 


If you would like to donate to our medical fund, you can donate here:    

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Medical Fund

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Spay/Neuter in Franklin County (SNIF)

Spaying and neutering pets is the tip of the spear for reducing the number of homeless cats and dogs in our communities, but it's not an expense all owners can afford.  In recognizing the enormous impact we can make by assisting owners with this critical step in population control, we initiated our SNIF program in 2007.   While it was initially started to serve Franklin County,  our footprint has grown to include neighboring counties as well. 


Since inception, we have altered 2484 of cats and dogs, with more being altered each month.   If you do the math, you can "see" the  impact.   Unfortunately, until our shelters are empty of stray or unwanted cats and dogs,   the need for this program will remain strong.  You can donate in support of this critical program here:

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