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Privately Re-homing Your Pet

When community members need help re-homing their personally owed pets, but are unable or unwilling to foster the animal through our program, we refer them to this  rehoming tool.  Just click on the big blue icon below to get started.  

Here are some things to consider, but not required:

  • Good pictures will capture the attention of potential adopters. Try to showcase the animal's personality

  • Write a short bio about the pet. Be honest about the animal's behaviors and personality. Try to write any negatives as positive as possible.

  • Having your pet current on vaccines and vetting will make them more desirable

  • Ensuring the animal is spayed or neutered prior to re-homing is the responsible thing to do 

  • Doing vet checks, landlord checks and reference checks will give better odds the animal will go to a safe new home.  A home visit (virtual or in-person) will give you insight into how the animal will be living day to day

  • Charge a re-homing fee

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