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Surrendering Your Pet

Paws For Life NC has limited fostering capacity, and thus, a limit to the number of animals we can take in, and our priority will always be with shelter animals.  If you have a personally-owned pet (not adopted through Paws for Life NC) that you are looking to surrender, you should:

  • Be ready & able to foster the dog or cat until they are adopted. For 99% of the time, if you can't or won't foster, we will not be able to help. It will require you to submit a foster application and be screened the same as our other fosters.
  • Provide as much notice as possible of the need to surrender your animal.  Last-minute or short-notice requests will most likely be denied.

  • Be sure you have exhausted all avenues before surrendering (pet pantry for food, training for behavioral issues, move to an apartment or house that allows pets, etc)

  • Make sure your pet is current on rabies, DHPP  (dogs), FVRCP (cats), and has a current heartworm test (dogs).  Depending on the circumstances, we may still be able to help with a heartworm positive dog, but it will require discussion about your responsibility in helping to cover the expense.  

  • If the pet was adopted from another rescue group, reach out to them FIRST.  Most rescue groups require adopters to return adopted animals to them if the need for surrender arises. 

If you would still like to proceed, please click on the icon below to submit the surrender request.  Please note that submitting this form does not imply that Paws For Life NC will be able to take in your surrendered animal, it is purely a means to begin the discussion.

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