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Once you have decided you are ready for a pet, you can start the adoption application process! Even if you aren’t sure which pet is right for you yet, you can begin and get pre-approval so once you do decide things can move quickly!

Be sure you read the dog's online bio before applying to make sure you are a good fit for each other!

You must be at least 21 years of age to apply.

See below for details about the application and screening process

Portrait of a Yorkshire Terrier dog in f

Screening Process

We have a screening process to help us make the best possible placement decisions for the animals in our care.  To help us with this, we ask that you supply us with the following:

  • Current and past veterinarians (going back 12 years)

  • If applicable, landlord name and phone number

  • Two references that are not related to you (or each other) in any way or reside with you.

  • The very last step is a home visit


​We will contact all of these folks and ask them some questions to help us make the best adoption placement decision for the animal under consideration.  

What We Check

  • All applicants are at least 21 years of age

  • All of your current and past pets (dog & cats) must be maintained up to date on age and species appropriate vaccines, spayed or neutered, have regular (at least annual) veterinary visits, and dogs must be maintained consistently current on heartworm prevention.

  • For the welfare of our animals, we will also check to ensure to animals owned by cohabitators are current on rabies and distemper vaccines at a minimum.

  • Landlord approval of species, breed, size or number of animals.

  • If living at home with parents, we will need to speak with them as the homeowner to verify they approve of an animal in the home. 


Paws For Life strives to find the best placement for our pets…this means sometimes we decide a home may not be the best fit for a particular animal, or any of our animals. Since our pets live in our foster homes, our fosters know their personalities very well, so they provide significant input on whether a home and family is the right fit for them.  If the screening indicates the pet you applied for is not a good fit, when possible, we will suggest other pets that may work better with your home and lifestyle.


7-day Trial (only available for locations within 1 hour drive time of Wake Forest, NC)

We want to make sure our pets will be loved — sometimes in a short visitation window things seem to work out, but in a longer one, the pet just doesn’t work out. Perhaps Fido wants to eat Garfield… that’s why we allow home trials to see how the pets fit with a family.

Litter mates (Dogs)

We do not adopt puppies from the same litter to the same family. Litter mates that are raised together may develop such a strong bond with each other they will not bond with other humans or dogs in the family.

Dog Adoption Application: Our Work
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