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Volunteer & Save a Life

Volunteers are the reason for any success story at Paws For Life NC and without them we cannot continue the mission of helping the animals. Volunteers come in all forms, and each has a specific background, skill set, knowledge, ability, or talent that can benefit the animals. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out a Paws For Life NC volunteer application.   Our volunteers do a little bit of everything, but here are some of the main activities.  We will be more than happy to find a place where you think you could be the most beneficial.

Work an Adopt-A-Thon Event

This is easy & fun. We bring our foster animals out for public meet and greets.  Oftentimes, foster parents will drop off their animals to be handled by a volunteer handler.  These are great opportunities to showcase our animals and our organization.  

Some people prefer to work with the dogs and others with cats and some love both and you may choose what you want to do. We appreciate any time you can give.  

Fundraising/Grant Writing

Fundraising is critically important to the success of any organization.  We need people with ideas & energy to help plan and execute fundraising activities.   Grant writing is an ongoing need too.  

Make Phone Calls, Send E-mails

 From event planning, vet appointments, to screening applications, there is always a need for phone calls and emails.  If you can help on a regular basis, we can train you to make phone calls to organize the events or even to return some calls made to our voice mail. 

Dog walking

 We are partnered with a local boarding facility, Audrey's Barkyard.  At any given time, we have several dogs boarded there and having folks go by to walk them helps to combat kennel stress and is a great way to work with them one-on-one on leash skills and basic manners.  

Transport Animals to Veterinary Offices

Volunteers are needed to pickup animals from shelters, foster homes or boarding and transport them to various vet offices for medical care.  Since many of our volunteers have full time day jobs, we need volunteers who have time during the day to help with this task.

Petco Condo Cleaning Team

We keep kitties at various Petco stores and we need volunteers to go clean the litter box and check on food and water. You can even take some time to love on the furry babies. If this is something you feel you can do, just let us know.

Computer Skills

Skills such as typing, making signs, banners, brochures, pamphlets, etc. as well as word-processing, and using computer programs are needed.  


Volunteers are needed to assist in many other ways such as public relations, washing pet bedding, and taking photographs. Everything from the usual mundane tasks to once-a-year things. Don’t see your “specialty” here? No problem. Please contact us and let us know your ideas. We are always looking for fresh ideas and new help.

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