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All in the Family

In early 2023, we were contacted by some concerned citizens about a stray husky and her male friend. They had been roaming the community together for months and survived off of the kindness of strangers. One day, the husky ran into one of the community homes and had a litter of 6 puppies! Her friend stayed nearby not wanting to be without her, but the husky, now a protective momma, kept warning him off. The mom and puppies were quickly moved to a foster home and came under the care of our rescue so we could keep them warm, healthy, and out of the shelter.

In the meantime, her friend kept showing up looking for his girl and he was eventually able to be captured. He is an older guy with a grey muzzle, but we're pretty sure he was dad to at least a few of the puppies. Knowing we couldn't leave him behind, we secured a foster and brought him into the rescue as well. All in the family was now safe!

The husky was named Star after one of her favorite hangouts, the Star Mart. The male was named Legend, since together, him and Star were quite legendary in their community. Both dogs are sweet and have gentle souls. Their puppies, Bandit, Bear, Blossom, Chubs, Honey and Sassy are now 3 months old and ready for their forever homes, with Bandit, Blossom and Honey already adopted.

Both Star and Legend have been spayed and neutered, but sadly, they are both heartworm positive. They have been started on the pre-treatment medications and will hopefully be heartworm free in the next few months. Treatment is not without its own risks, though. Star is so far presenting with a heightened sensitivity to the pre-treatment medication and Legend is just an old guy, so we're hoping it isn't too hard on either of them. If anyone is willing to donate towards their treatment, we would greatly appreciate your support! You can donate online at or mail a check to Paws for Life NC, PO Box 338, Youngsville NC, 27596.

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